Toughstake™ - Sand and Snown Anchor

The patented Toughstake™ Large Sand Stakes are designed to be used for anchoring in sand or snow. With the extended length and width the Large Toughstakes™ is one of the most bomb proof sand and snow stakes available. Small and light enough for ease of packing, but large enough to handle massive loads. We highly recommend them to be used with large tents, free standing awnings, large beach cabana’s, small and medium antenna’s, mooring small watercraft, boats, canoes, and large beach canopies. When properly set in the sand or snow, we can guarantee you will be leaving before the Toughstake. When you would like to set your Beach Cabana up and not worry about the high afternoon winds, the 17.5” Toughstake Sand Anchor is your ultimate choice. When deploying the Toughstake™ Large Sand Stakes, the stakes should be driven into the ground until the top of the stake is even with the top of the sand or snow. This can be accomplished by either using your hand, mallet, stick, stone, or other acceptable hammering device. The guy line is then pulled tight, slicing through the sand or snow and attached to the guy line of the tent or canopy. As normal stakes do not work in sand or snow, Toughstake™ brand of Sand Stakes should only be used in sand and snow. For dirt, compacted soil, ice, roots, rocks, gravel, or other hard media, you should use a typical top mount stake. Large Stake Weight: 7.0 oz / 198 g Length: 17.5” / 44.45 cm Thickness: 0.09” / 0.22 cm Maximum Width: 3.725” / 14.60 cm Color: Dark Satin Orange Finish: Hard Anodized Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Qty : 1 Aluminum 6061 17.5" Aluminum Toughstake Large Guy Wire Weight: 0.88 oz / 24.94 g Length: 26.5” / 67.31 cm Cable Diameter: 0.062” / 0.15 cm Cable Material: 7x7 Stainless Cable Stop Swage Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Ring Material: Stainless Steel Qty : 1 - 1/16" Stainless Steel Guy WireX

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