The Nirvana Self-Bailer is a new packraft model for 2016. We are proud to announce that the Nirvana and Nirvana XL self-bailer were given a 'Best in Show' by the Gear Junkie at Outdoor Retailer in 2015. The Nirvana self-bailer has all of the same attributes of the Nirvana with spraydeck, narrow trim, aggressive rocker on the bow, which give it great whitewater handling capability. However, instead of the spraydeck to keep water out, we have introduced drain holes in the floor and removed the spraydeck which allows water to drain through the floor when it enters the packraft. The 5" inflatable floor insert provides extra buoyancy, and additional height to the paddler to keep them above the waterline of the craft.

The advantages of a self-bailer over a spraydeck include quick entry and exit of the craft to scout rapids,  the elimination to pull over to the side of the river to empty water out of your packraft, and a higher paddling position to allow deeper more efficient paddle strokes. Each Nirvana self-bailing packraft includes 4 d-rings attached to the inner tube to allow for thigh strap attachments (not included).

The Hornet-lite packraft is the only single chambered packraft in Kokopelli's fleet. This reduces weight and minimizes the packed size of the packraft. 

Further, there are two strategically placed d-rings on the front of the packraft to allow secure storage of gear. The inflatable seat cushion will keep you dry and allow you to sit higher, allowing for deeper paddle stroke. There is no seat back which further minimizes weight and reduces storage size. For those extra long trips where every ounce is key, leave the seat cushion at home and save an additional 5 ounces.


  • Color – Yellow Sidewall, Black Floor
  • Packraft + Inflatable Floor + Inflatable Seat Weight- 10 pounds 3 oz. (add 3.4 ounces for Tizip)
  • Inflation Bag- 4 oz. (Inflation Time: 5 minutes)
  • Chambers- 2
  • Outside Length: 103"
  • Outside Width: 36"
  • Tube Diameter- 11" 
  • Cockpit Length- 70"
  • Cockpit Width- 15.5"
  • Load Capacity- 425 pounds
  • Sidewall Construction – 210 denier double coated nylon, 1” seam welds, reinforced seam tape over all seams
  • Floor Construction – 840 denier double coated nylon, v-tape floor construction for added durability
  • All seams are sealed with a 1” seam tape to the deliver the highest durability and ensure the highest quality air holding properties.
  • Includes Field Repair Kit
  • 1 Year Warranty

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