Jack's Plastic Welding - Stow Bags

Choose this bag if you wish to have a place to keep small personal items dry while on the river. It is large enough for a rain jacket, sun screen, snacks, and other small items that you want access to durring the day, or a raft first aid, or repair kit.

Stow bags are all made with 18 oz PVC coated polyester fabric. Smaller stow bags are intended to be used in canoes and kayaks for storage, or on rafts to replace ammo cans. They have a handy grommet in the bottom of a flat seam. With this system the bag can be hung upside down on a "chicken line" in the front of the boat away from the boatman. This makes them easy to get into, and the water drains away from the closure. Please choose color.

Small Kayak Stow: 600 cu. inches - 9.8 Liters - 6.5" dia X 19" tall (with closure rolled down at maximum volume.

Large Kayak Stow: 850 cu. inches - 14 Liters - 7.2" dia X 19" tall (rolled down to maximum capacity).

Canoe Stow: 1700 cubic inches - 28 Liters - 9.3" dia X 26" tall (rolled down to maximum capacity.

Tent Stow: 2500 cubic inches - 41 Liters - 9.3" X 38" tall (rolled down to maximum capacity).

Large Gear Stow: 4 cubic Ft - 113 Liters - 15.25" dia X 45" tall (rolled down to maximum volume) with cam buckle in top.

Not all colors may be immediately available, call for availability.

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