Jack's Plastic Welding - Royal Flush Cataraft Tubes

The Royal Flush Cataraft is similar in size and function to the Daddy Cat. One difference though is the gentle curve of the cone section. So at light loads there is less water line in the water, and less resistance to spin. At heavy loads there is slightly more flotation than a Daddy cat. These cats are equally at home on the Salt, in the Grand or on the Middle fork of the Salmon in Idaho


The Royal Flush tubes are standard with 16 welded (not glued) 2 1/2 inch Stainless Steel D ring patches, and 4 heavy duty handles per set of tubes. This boat has a 10-ft waterline that allows for plenty of cargo or deck space, yet is small enough and stable enough to handle the most challenging rivers in the west. All of our cats 25 inch diameter and higher have 40-oz double bottoms.

All of our 25 inch and larger tubes come standard with blunted ends like the El Tigre. This changes the over all length, but not the cargo capacity, or the water line. We are simply removing the end of the tube that is not needed. The blunt cones do give some bounce off of cliff faces.

There are two air chambers per tube. The air chambers have baffles that are cone shaped so that they will extend to approximately 2/3 of the original length if one chamber looses air rapidly.

The material is 35-oz high tensile strength Welded PVC Coated Polyester. This is the best UV, mildew, and air retentive fabric in the industry. We use this fabric because we want our boats to last for decades. 10-Year warranty comes with every boat.

Made to order, allow 6-8 weeks to build. Call or email with questions.

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