Jack's Plastic Welding - 15 FT Self Bailer

This 15 ft Self Bailer is 180 inches long, 84 inches wide, with 40 inches between the tubes. The drop stitch inflatable floor is recessed inside of the tubes to give a tunnel effect for tracking, and speed when used as a paddle boat, and maximum payload when used as a cargo boat. This image shows 3 cross thwarts. The third thwart is optional for paddling. The Standard is 2, and you can order it at a discount without any if all you want to do is use it as a cargo boat. Conventional self bailing sizes range from 13 ft to 16.5 ft so far, but Jack makes a lot of custom designs. Let us know if we can order a special boat that fits your needs.

Made to order. Allow 6-8 weeks to build. Call for details.


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