Hala - Daze

The Hala Daze ( 11’11 x 42″ x 8″ ) is a stand up raft that can be loaded up with tons of gear. At 8” thick, the Daze is big, but the progressive rocker keeps it sporty for paddlers of all sizes, and the Daze is a great board for the 350lb+ crowd.
Be in a daze or spend days on this board, either way you’re staying dry. The Hala Daze is your ultimate rig for stability and comfort whether you are stomping whitewater, getting your whole family on board, or rigging it up for a weekend overnight trip.
+ Full – length traction pad
+ Raised stomp pad at the tail for control
+ NEW- sporty shape with swallow tail for more control and maneuverability
+ Unbreakable, fixed 4” quad fin
+ Removable, flexible 5th fin in an unbreakable fin box
+ All Hala boards use the toughest drop stitch available

+ Due to size, this product may incur an extra fee for airline travel, depending on how well you pack, and how nice the airline employee is feeling. :).

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