DRE- Custom Down River Dry Box (up to 16" x 38" x 13" deep)

DRE dry boxes are built with 0.080" thick aircraft grade aluminum which results in the strongest, most durable box for its weight. Each box is custom built, and we will follow up with you over phone or e-mail after you place your order to help you determine the specific size (1/2" increments) that will fit your needs. No hangers are required as each box has built-in tabs that rest on the frame rails.
  • Oversized shipping charges apply.

All boxes are built custom and will be invoiced relative to the sizing thresholds below. It's not an exact science, but rather simply allows us to account for incremental increases in material usages for larger boxes.

DRE2252 Dry Box: (up to 16" x 38" x 13" deep)

DRE2253 Dry Box: (up to 18" x 40" x 16" deep) DRE2254 Dry Box: (up to 22" x 47" x 18" deep)

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