C7 Leafield Valve Adapter

No more pumping with one hand and holding the hose with the other! A quick twist seals the Leafield C-7 Valve Adapter to your boat's Leafield C-7 Valve for easy solo inflation with zero leakage. 

  • This adapter is especially helpful with high-pressure drop-stitch inflatables such as the NRS Big Earl SUP Board, the NRS Whip Body Board and the NRS GigBob Personal Fishing Cataraft.
  • The threaded male end screws into your Leafield C-7 Valve, sealing the O-ring for an airtight, secure connection.
  • Includes a 2" vinyl hose which allows you to connect the adapter to almost any pump.
  • Sturdy plastic construction withstands use and abuse.

Collections: Repair

Category: 1/2 3/4 C-7 Leafield Repair Valve

Type: Repair

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